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Corporate Partnerships & Training Program

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By making its goods, services, and facilities equally available to everyone, the corporate sector plays a vital role in ending discrimination. The ERC's Corporate Partnerships & Training (CPT) Program relies on a unique, collaborative approach to assist and guide the private sector in maintaining compliance with a variety of civil rights laws.

The CPT Program builds relationships with housing developers, retailers, restaurateurs, and other corporate leaders to promote equal access and opportunity for all as a corporate culture, and to demonstrate that focusing on civil rights is not only the right thing to do, it's also smart business.

The ERC’s corporate partners are industry leaders in housing, food services, retail, and health care, affecting the lives of tens of thousands of people every day. Through our work with a diverse group of partners , we have made nearly 60,000 housing units and 50,000 retail locations more accessible for people with disabilities. We've also trained thousands of administrators, managers, and staff on fair housing laws, accessibility regulations, diversity in the workplace, and other civil rights issues.

CPT Services

Because knowledge is critical to effectively promoting civil rights, training initiatives are an integral part of all CPT partnerships. In addition to traditional in-person training sessions, the CPT Program utilizes new and innovative technology to convey information, such as e-learning segments and webinars.  Current training topics include:

  • Fair housing basics
  • Accessible design and construction requirements
    Obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Sensitivity and diversity issues


Training is just one aspect of the ERC’s approach to working with its corporate partners. CPT staff also review partners’ policies, protocols, advertisements, and on-line materials to help ensure that they comply with civil rights laws. By working collaboratively, the ERC helps its corporate partners improve existing policies, identify “best practices” consistent with each partner’s business model, employ effective communication strategies that accurately reflect our diverse consumer market, and prevent discrimination before it occurs.

Multifamily Housing Resource Program

The Multifamily Housing Resource Program (MHRP) is a membership-based program The MHRP is a proactive collaboration with industry leaders in the areas of multi-family housing development, construction, and management, as well as architectural firms with design expertise, and product or service vendors and subcontractors. With a mission to increase the number of residential housing units in the United States that are accessible to people with disabilities, the MHRP’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that companies that proactively embrace compliance with fair housing and accessibility laws not only create sound business models, but become community partners and leaders.  To learn more about the MHRP, visit the MHRP website

The activities and services of the CPT Program are critical for the advancement of civil rights, and are “value added” for all companies. By strengthening our relationships with the private sector, we are able to promote equal opportunity in ways that make good business sense.  To learn more about the services of the CPT Program or to become a corporate partner or MHRP member, contact Andrea Browning, Program Manager for Corporate Partnerships & Training, or call 202.234.3062 

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2014 MHRP AR2013-2014 MHRP Annual Report

The MHRP has released its 2013-2014 Annual Report. The report details MHRP activities, scope of work, and financial filing for calendar year 2013-2014.




FHA coverFair Housing Act Checklist

The purpose of the Fair Housing Act Checklist: A Guide to Accessible Design and Construction Compliance (FHA Checklist) is to highlight regulations as they apply to “covered” multifamily dwellings. Covered multifamily buildings are defined by the Fair Housing Act (FHA) as buildings with four or more dwelling units that are newly constructed for first occupancy on or after March 13, 1991. This checklist is organized along the seven technical requirements of the FHA; certain deviations in sequencing have been made to enhance the usability of the checklist during a site survey.

MHRP 2012-2013 Cover2012-2013 MHRP Annual Report

The MHRP has released its 2012-2013 Annual Report. The report details MHRP activities, scope of work, and financial filing for calendar year 2012-2013.

Equal Rights Center Announces National Initiative with TJX to Promote Accessibility

The Equal Rights Center announced an initiative with The TJX Companies, Inc. (TJX) to promote accessibility at TJX’s stores throughout the United States. TJX and the ERC will work collaboratively to review accessibility at TJX’s U.S. locations, including TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods stores. The ERC will also work closely with TJX on the training of its associates on accessibility standards and customer service for people with disabilities.

"This collaboration between the Equal Rights Center and TJX shows that TJX truly values all of its customers, including the millions of shoppers with disabilities.” said Don Kahl, Executive Director of the ERC, “As an industry leader and a Fortune 500 company, TJX, along with other ERC partners understand that promoting equal opportunity is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business.”

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