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Domestic Violence

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Check out our latest toolkit: "Serving Survivors of Domestic Violence who have a Disability"

Read an accessible version of the toolkit >>

Survivors of domestic violence are protected from housing and employment discrimination in many municipalities across the United States.  Yet, domestic violence is cited as the number one reason women are homeless in the U.S., and between 25 and 50% of survivors report having lost a job due to domestic violence.  Since 2007, the ERC has actively promoted the enforcement of local protections, as well as advocated for additional and more extensive protections.    

A cross section of the population which is frequently overlooked is survivors of domestic violence with disabilities.  Domestic violence can cause disability, and people with disabilities experience domestic violence at an alarming rate, yet few service providers or advocates focus their programs on the unique needs of this population.  The ERC works with the disability and domestic violence communities to promote education and collaboration between the two groups.

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DV DR toolkit cover"Serving Survivors of Domestic Violence who have a Disability"

This toolkit provides domestic violence advocates with disability education and resources.  It gives an overview of what a disability is, how disability can affect and be affected by domestic violence, language etiquette, and then provides a list of easy and often free accommodations.

PSA CampaignEqual Rights Center Launches “Empowerment” PSA Campaign

The ERC’s "Know Your Rights" PSA campaign running in the D.C. metro focuses on educating the immigrant community, the LGBT community, and survivors of domestic violence about their fair housing rights.

No Vacancy: Housing Discrimination Against Survivors of Domestic Violence in the District of Columbia, 2008

A year following the passage in Washington D.C. of the most progressive housing laws for domestic violence survivors in the United States, the ERC conducted an investigation.  The ERC uncovered a 65 percent discrimination rate against survivors in the rental of housing.

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For Civil Minds- the ERC's blog

Read the ERC's blog to learn more about a variety of civil rights issues. The blog is updated frequently so remember to keep checking back for new stories and topics!

Domestic Violence and Disability: The Correlation

Domestic Violence and disability intersect in multiple ways and, when they do coincide, affect how an individual deals with and interprets both the disability and the domestic violence situation.  

Find Help in Your Area

To find out more information about domestic violence in your state, call or write to one of the listed state domestic violence coalitions.

Referral Guide

Learn more about service providers and organizations which offer you support. 

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