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Man in grocery storeThe opportunity to seek and keep employment is a basic right of every individual in the United States. This right not only allows one to pursue a career of his/her choice, but grants one more diverse opportunities to choose where to live, where to send children for school, and the proximity to social and community activities.  

Employment protections encourage not only individual development, but the prosperity and health of our communities.  By encouraging a diverse working community, companies obtain a broader range of ideas and opinions, and thus are better able to capitalize on the diverse marketing opportunities that a multicultural consumer base provides.

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Employment Pocket ToolkitThe ERC Employment Self-Advocacy Toolkit

If you have a disability, you are entitled to certain reasonable accommodations in your place of employment.  Learn what your rights are and how to advocate for them to create positive change in your employment.

Read an accessible version of the Americans with Disabilities Act Employment Toolkit >>

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For Civil Minds- the ERC's blog

Read the ERC's blog to learn more about a variety of civil rights issues. The blog is updated frequently so remember to keep checking back for new stories and topics!

Download the ERC Employment Brochure

Learn more about your rights and what the ERC can do to help.  

Read an accessible version of the Fair Employment Brochure >>

Find an Office to File an Employment Complaint

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has offices across the country.  The ERC will help you file a complaint with the EEOC.

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