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Racial Justice

Three kids togetherAs an organization whose mission grew out of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, the ERC is committed to eliminating race-based discrimination.  Although significant gains have been made, including the recent inauguration of the first African-American as President of the United States, racial discrimination still occurs in housing, employment, access to public accommodations, and other areas of daily life.  The ERC advances civil rights law to ensure all individuals are treated with equality, regardless of their race.

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For Civil Minds- the ERC's blog

Read the ERC's blog to learn more about a variety of civil rights issues. The blog is updated frequently so remember to keep checking back for new stories and topics!

The Equal Rights Center Shocked by Louisiana Justice Refusal to Marry Interracial Couple (10/16/09)

"It is both shocking and very saddening that forty-two years after a unanimous United States Supreme Court outlawed state laws interfering with interracial marriages in Loving v. Virginia, that some—including those who are appointed 'to keep the peace'—still hold these destructive views on race."

Service Denied: Responding to Taxicab Discrimination in the District of Columbia, 2003

A 1993 and 1999 investigation by the ERC and one of its predecessor organizations found African-Americans were discriminated against 36 percent of the time when hailing a taxicab and that requests for pick-ups received service 14 times more often in white neighborhoods than in black neighborhoods.  This report discussing these investigations and details seven steps for remediation.


Be a part of a community and keep up to date on race-related issues on the NAACP blog.

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