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Religion and Belief

Muslim woman and childFreedom of religion is a concept that was integral in the founding of our nation, and it continues to define the United States today. Religious choice is a federally protected right, and it guarantees the freedom from discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, and many other important aspects of daily life.  Despite our diverse religious history, hate crimes and discrimination based on religion still occur today.  The ERC remains vigilant to protecting all individuals from unequal treatment due to their religious beliefs.

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National Origin and Religion Fair Housing Toolkit

This ERC self-advocacy toolkit is specifically designed to assist people who may experience discrimination based on their race, national origin, or religion, and will help them assert their rights under the Fair Housing Act.


For Civil Minds- the ERC's blog

Read the ERC's blog to learn more about a variety of civil rights issues. The blog is updated frequently so remember to keep checking back for new stories and topics!

Examples of what is protected

Learn about your protections covered by federal laws and the constitution.

American Muslim Civic POCKET GUIDE

Learn your rights and responsibilities as an American Muslim

Got Rights?  

Watch this video: It offers the Muslim community crucial Information about how to protect you and your family when approached by law enforcement.

Referral Guide

Learn more about service providers and organizations which offer you support.

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